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Andrew Crane

Principal; AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Before co-founding AERO COLLECTIVE, Andrew gained extensive experience working on mixed-use, multi-family and affordable housing projects. Now, he brings those valuable skills to the architectural projects of AERO. 

The common theme of said work is people. Andrew believes that architecture can influence people's experiences, on both a personal and communal level, in many positive ways. Be it a home that is part of an affordable housing project, a new passion illuminated at an art museum, a healthier lifestyle choice made at a health clinic, a new career housed in an office or friendships formed over dinner at a restaurant, Andrew's goal is to help people and communities realize the full potential of their architectural endeavors.


Cesar Aguirre

Principal; NCARB

As a native of Los Angeles, Cesar is committed to the progressive growth of the city. Previously, while working for PSL Architects, Cesar took on multiple affordable housing projects, which resulted in constructed living spaces for many LA communities. While his work was focused primarily on residential projects, it became painfully apparent to him that Los Angeles was far then, and is still far now, from providing adequate affordable housing for all of its residents.

Cesar believes that the strength of cities and communities lies in having a focused, unique sense of place and identity. At AERO COLLECTIVE, he continues to explore the positive impact that housing and density have on the identity of neighborhoods, while he also understands that there is great potential for vitality and creativity right in the City of Inglewood, where the firm is located. These two observations give Cesar vision that AERO can grow in Inglewood, but also create a positive impact in it and beyond.


Brion Moran


In his previous position, Brion came to appreciate the importance of providing in-depth, full-service architectural work, and he strives to bring that to every relationship he has through AERO COLLECTIVE.

Brion's experience in working on large mixed-use projects built in him the knowledge and confidence to take on small- and large-scale residential and commercial projects. Every project, regardless of scale, brings its own unique challenges, and Brion relishes the experience and education gained from each endeavor.


Evelyn Martinez


Evelyn joined the AERO COLLECTIVE dream team in 2015 after graduating with a Bachelor's of Architecture degree from the University of Southern California. She works primarily on designing multi-family housing, affordable housing and retail projects. On her daily commute to the Inglewood office, she enjoys passing by her favorite buildings, which include the Vajra bookstore and The Miracle Theatre on Market Street.

Since The Miracle Theatre is currently an AERO COLLECTIVE project, Evelyn sees this as a unique opportunity to help design and develop the community she works in.


Khoudia Sylla


Khoudia moved to Los Angeles from Tampa, Florida and joined AERO COLLECTIVE in Fall 2016. She has extensive experience in BIM (Building Information Modeling) with a focus on risk management. Today, Khoudia co-leads the AERO COLLECTIVE team in BIM on various types of projects including residential, multi-family and retail projects.

In her free time, Khoudia enjoys making handbags, cooking and reading. She also co-stewards the Los Angeles Chapter of the Architecture Lobby, a non-profit organization advocating for the value of architects and workers in the field of architecture. Khoudia is happy to work for a firm that promotes community outreach, social responsibility and political discourse, and she rests assured that her work has a positive impact on the built environment.


Christopher Rivera


Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi, Christopher made the move to Los Angeles after graduating with a Bachelor’s of Architecture from Mississippi State University. He joined the AERO COLLECTIVE team in Spring 2015. He continues to work on various types of projects from residential to retail and office spaces. Christopher enjoys 3D-modeling as well as building physical models in his spare time.

As the office biker, he believes that cities should focus their efforts on becoming inviting and friendly places for the people.