Our office is located in Inglewood, CA just a mile east of the 405 down Manchester. It was completed in 2015 after we gave it a complete makeover with a polished concrete floor and a high vaulted ceiling.

The space itself was an electronic repair/retail store before we moved in. We removed the carpet, unnecessary drywall and ceiling tile, redid the low ceiling into a high, effectively acoustical ceiling and polished the concrete floor throughout. What we wanted and created was an open floor plan in which our open studio currently thrives.

The location of our office was intentionally chosen to be Downtown because we see interesting potential for growth in housing, commercial opportunities and communal unity in the city, and we believe our work can be most effective if we are at the heart of it.


Typology: Office
Location: 209 S Market St, Inglewood, CA
Size: 5,500sf
Status: Completed in 2015
Photographers: Tiger Tiger Studio