A bar as classic and classy as its wood-designed interiors accented by steel frames. Wolf and Crane offers its rare selection of spirits as the centerpiece of its space, where the interior design allows for uncluttered enjoyment.

Wolf and Crane bar is the perfect spot to escape the city and have a rare Japanese whiskey and a mix of eclectic spirits to unwind. The design reflects a simple, straight-forward and modern take on a bar (minimalist if you will), while also featuring an open space that serves as a busy dance floor on the weekends. We believe this design is optimal for Wolf and Crane's goal to provide a space that allows for uncluttered rest from the busy Little Tokyo, Downtown LA area in which the bar is located.

The custom, lacquered stools, bar counter and tabletops were designed by Objeti.



Client: Wolf and Crane Bar
Typology: Hospitality
Location: 366 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA
Status: Completed in 2013
Furniture Design Collaborators: Objeti