24-unit apartment complex located in Hollywood and designed with maximum unit density in mind in order to accommodate tenants efficiently and comfortably.

This is a 24-unit apartment building in the city of Los Angeles. The desired intent was to maximize unit density and variety, thus the building consists of 2 studios, 21 one-bedrooms, and 1 two-bedroom units. Parking is provided in a subterranean level as well as on the ground floor. The floor plans of the units are designed to stack in order to streamline the construction process, maximizing the efficiency allowed by standardization. Even so, there are elements throughout the building’s design that allow deviation from the norm. The roof massing is divided in such a way as to appear as multiple rooftops, depicting an abstract city scape. The top floor units benefit from this roof massing, with higher vaulted ceilings.



Client: VeiwStone Capital
Typology: Housing
Location: Hollywood, CA                                   Units: 24 residential units,                                          2 studios w/1 bath                                                      21 unit w/1 bedroom & 1 bath                                        1 unit w/2 bedrooms & 1 bath
Size: 25,628 sf
Status: In progress