Sweat NSK was constructed in a minimal footprint to creatively store inventory and give the feel of a walk-in designer closet, featuring the best curated selection of women's activewear.

We completed Sweat NSK in 2015, and it saw its grand opening in June of that year.

Sweat NSK sports a 733sf space, constructed as a walk-in designer closet from start - with Sweat product displayed behind the glass windows at the front and center of the store - to finish, where at the back of the store the customer can stand and make her decision in front of two parallel-facing mirrors.

California oak and hints of Sweat-blue make up the material pallette of the space.

This luxury shop stocks a mix of women's workout apparel, accessories and eco-friendly gear, including selections from such fashion brands as Live the Process, Vie Active, Garb Luxe, Chill by Will and LA's own LNA, as well as many others.



Client: Sweat NSK
Typology: Retail
Location: 11731 Barrington Ct, Brentwood, CA
Area: 733sf
Status: Completed in 2015
Photographer: Zhejia Dai