An office redesign that gives room for a free-flow of ideas between the creative departments of Johnnie-O. Our white walls and brick and wood construction serve as toned-down foundations for the already colorful clothing company.

Johnnie-O is a creative office remodel of an existing brick commercial building. The West Coast-based apparel company wanted their headquarters to reflect a modern creative space in which their employees could be... creative. The new design adapted the existing renovation to create a more open and transparent office to facilitate collaboration between all departments. The raw brick and wood materials in the space are contrasted with clean white walls dividing the rooms. The white walls are also contrasting back drops to the colorful clothing the brand is known for.



Client: Johnnie-O
Typology: Office
Location: 2046 Cotner Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Size: 4,500sf
Status: Completed in 2015