Forma Restaurant & Cheese Bar mixes modern, clean sophistication with rustic Italian charm.

Forma seats 90 in total. Guests can pull up to the stunning white Carrara marble bar in the back, which is fashionably accented with bold black and white tiles, or grab a seat in the communal dining area for a more casual time. The tables and chairs are made from solid walnut and are products of ICFF Award-winning designer Objeti. The leather-tufted wall and custom mirrors in the communal area, along with the custom brass lighting throughout, serve as recurring design elements for the space.

To showcase Forma’s main attraction - the cheese - a floor-to-ceiling glass cheese case and bar were created to, together, set the stage for diners to watch the dalla forma preparation of the restaurant's specialty.



Client: Forma Group LLC.
Typology: Hospitality
Location: 1610 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA
Status: Completed in 2015
Furniture Design Collaborators: Objeti
Photographers: Zhejia Dai & Wonho Frank Lee