Since learning about Detroit's condition over the last few decades, we wanted to take part in the discourse, so we teamed up with a few Detroit-natives and continue to look for support for our bus program idea.

The Dexter Ave. Bus Program aims to create three new school bus routes and six school bus stops along Dexter Ave. The purpose of this new program would be to safely transport 150 K-5 students from the Wildemere Park area to their respective schools in order to raise the quality of life and education of students in this area, just outside Detroit.

When “white flight” took place in Detroit during the 1950s, hundreds of thousands of Americans left the industrial metropolis, automobile industry job opportunities declined, and therefore the DPS (Detroit Public Schools) system also lost much of its student body. By 1970, the overall population of Detroit and surrounding areas fell by 32% while DPS student enrollment declined by 38%, affecting the neighborhood of Wildemere Park, where Dexter Ave. runs. More recently, the neighborhood public school closed in 2014, followed by the closure of its only charter in 2015.

This Program is our first step towards stabilizing the neighborhood. We believe it can help raise the quality of life and education for students living in Wildemere Park and that these stops along the Avenue can feel like landmarks of safety and vibrancy in an area that has been progressively abandoned over the last six decades.

The Program, in conception with Wildemere Park native Vidal Marsh, will be in ongoing Research phase until we solidify a plan to execute the best possible transportation system for these kids. We will try to partner with Great Schools Detroit and the longstanding school bus entity ABC Transportation as the project unfolds.


Client: City of Detroit, MI
Typology: Research
Location: Wildemere Park, Detroit, MI
Status: In progress
Research Collaborator: Vidal Marsh